Chocolate Making – Cookery Expressions );

Specialised Chocolate Making

You will experience new and exotic flavours with rich chocolate blends using  combinations of herbs, spices, essential oils and chocolate!!

Topics Covered: 21 different varieties

  • Chocolate Bon Bons
  • Paan Balls
  • Naughty Nutty
  • Cranberry Cream
  • 5 Star
  • Dark Night
  • Hawaiian Chocolate Host:
  • Gulkand Chocolate 
  • Honey & Nut Squares
  • Muesli & Flaked Almond Cheesecake Chocolates
  • Chocolate & Orange – Rose Bar
  • Glitter Chocolates
  • Chocolate Frame with Transfer Sheet 
  • Kesar Pista Bars
  • Strawberry Streusel Chocolate 
  • Bubblegum Hazelnut Bars
  • Nutties & Rose Squares
  • Cappuccino & Oreo Bars 
  • Hibiscus Crunch
  • Cherry, Cookie & Cream Bars
  • ​Red Velvet Bars
  • Time/Duration: 1.00 – 5.00 pm; 4 Hours; 1 day session

As it is said, ‘A little chocolate a day keeps the doctor at bay’. Chocolate is one of the most famous indulges in and across the world, irrespective of age, gender, nationality. Chocolate triggers the release of endorphins and serotonin, which works as a mood elevator. If you are one such chocolate lover and want to learn the art of chocolate-making, enroll yourself in a chocolate making course.

There is a wide variety of chocolates depending on its texture, content of cocoa powder used and flavour. We will list a few of the favourites, choose the perfect one for your palate.

Dark Chocolate: These are usually 35% pure chocolate with a small portion of sugar added. These are comparatively less sweet and darker in colour. These are used in baking and cooking purpose and also considered antioxidant super food.

Milk Chocolate: Milk Chocolate is loved widely world over for its  its distinctive creamy texture. In addition to containing cocoa butter and chocolate liquor, milk chocolate contains either condensed milk or dry milk solids. There are various chocolate making classes in Delhi that can help you make that perfect bar of chocolate.

White chocolate: White chocolate gets its name from the cocoa butter it contains, but does not contain chocolate liquor or any other cocoa products. As a result, it commonly tastes like vanilla or other added flavourings. It is also considered healthier version of chocolates since it contains cocoa butter  which in turn, is derived from the cacao plant which is known for its antioxidant properties.

Gianduja chocolate: Gianduja is the name given to a European style of chocolate which is a combination of  chocolate and nut paste. Hazelnut paste is the most common, but gianduja is also made with almond paste.It comes in milk or dark chocolate varieties and can be used as a flavoring or as a substitute for milk or dark chocolate.

Go ahead and pick your choice of bar. Learn to make your own at nearest chocolate making class.


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