Pies, Tarts & Quiche

Topics Covered:

  • Mississippi Mud Pie
  • Apple Pie
  • Lemon Tarts
  • Fruit Tarts
  • Truffle Tarts
  • Vegetable Quiche
  • Time/Duration: 1.00 – 5.00 pm; 4 Hours; 1 day session

Is apple pie one of your favourite comfort foods? Does the goodness of the warm flaky crust and sweet juicy filling satisfy your soul more than the taste buds? If  yes. It is time you wear your apron and prepare the world’s best apple pie.

Although the overall texture of most apple pies are more or less the same, you can always experiment with the apple pie filling. Here we will list few of the most common apple pie fillings that you can try for yourself:

Sugar-Kissed apple pie: If you are a beginner and are still wondering on how to make apple pie? This is the most easy apple pie filling that you can try~ Sugar, all-purpose flour, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg, salt, thinly-sliced peeled tart apples, butter or margarine.

Pear caramel apple pie: You can always experiment with an apple pie filling depending on your tastes. You are free to add seasonal fruits and make the world’s best apple pie. To prepare the filling for a pear caramel apple pie you will need~ granulated sugar, all purpose flour, ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon, salt, peeled thinly sliced pears and apples, lemon juice and butter.

Honey roasted apple pie: If you have a sweet tooth and also like to maintain and keep the calorie intake in proportion, the honey roasted apple pie is the one for you. The filling includes peeled apples cut into chunks, honey, all purpose flour and ground cinnamon.

Pies are often confused with tarts , however, there is a very thin line of difference and that is the crust. Pie crust is flaky, light, tender, and crisp while a tart crust is crumbly, rich, crisp, and firm. Therefore, while experimenting with easy apple pie fillings you can also bake a mini lemon tart which is one of the basics.ar with jaggery for a more healthy version.

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